In the past our team at The Old Slaughterhouse have been commissioned to complete a vast number of projects for local as well as national organisations. We have prepared and given talks, organised corporate team building exercises, created large, bespoke pieces of art for corporate spaces and undertaken specific and targeted research. With our varied backgrounds in art, media and heritage, we are well equipped to work on a huge variety of different projects and tasks.

Recent Work:

Recently, we have been commissioned by Stratford Historic Buildings Trust to lead on the community engagement aspect of their current project; the restoration of The Toll House. For this project we have focused on engaging a younger audience, creating a ‘family friendly’ exhibition .

Below is some information concerning previous commissions and other work we have done with children, young adults and families.



In the past we have been commissioned to put on talks on a variety of different subjects, from Henson’s the Butchers and the wider history of The Old Slaughterhouse, to subjects such as Marie Corelli, Stratford’s other famous author.

Our site is also the perfect venue for talks; we have previous hosted talks by local authors, corporate talks as well as talks from local political, charitable and arts organisations.

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