Escape Arts has over 20 years experience of delivering successful, innovative creative workshops and educational creative heritage workshops in schools.  We pride ourselves on professional, bespoke projects which aim to inspire creative thinking and support curriculum studies.  In 2018 Escape won the Pride of Stratford Educators of the Year Award. We are often involved in outreach projects with local schools, working with a variety of arts and heritage mediums to provide an exciting, fun and educational experience for children and young adults.

We will use this rich slice of Stratford Heritage to devise a programme of activities suitable for Key Stage 2 & 3 pupils. They may include opportunities to handle original historical objects and take part in role play activities. Each session will be tailored to be age appropriate and relevant to the National Curriculum.

We can offer activities exploring the following themes:

  • Food in World War II
  • The changing High Street
  • Meat: then and now
  • Researching the site history and the buildings previous occupations as Ropemaker, Wine Merchant, Chemist to Slaughterhouse


Activities on offer

Guided tours through the building

Object Handling

Drama & Creative Writing Workshops

Art workshops in response to historical themes

Resources on offer

Oral History interviews


Copies of historical documents

Loan boxes

For more information or to discuss potential projects, please contact: